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One of my main projects of this moment is the Percussive Piano Gamelan project.

When I met the Dutch composer Sinta Wullur at my first ever Percussive Piano try out concert at Salon De IJzerstaven, we had a wonderful conversation in which she brought me to the idea of doing the gamelan project. It suits the Percussive Piano idea so well because it’s also a translation from percussive music to piano solo pieces. I studied the gamelan myself as a side course at the Rotterdam Conservatory, with Elsje Plantema, so it was not difficult to embrace the idea. Sinta Wullur and Albert van Veenendaal were funded to compose for the project, which resulted in three great (short) pieces:

‘Pelogical Preparations’  (Listen here)


‘…And the monkey dances, dances, dances…’ (Listen here)

by Albert van Veenendaal


Takita Nyeledet

by Sinta Wullur


Preparing the first performance of Pelogical Preparations at Salon De IJzerstaven in Amsterdam, together with Albert van Veenendaal, June 21st 2014.

2014-06-19 13.09.37      2014-06-19 10.57.59

Rehearsing for the recital at Tong Tong Festival May 29th with dancer and Tong Tong Festival artistic director Arnaud Kokosky Deforchaux. IMG_7007