Codarts 6th of November!


The Codarts concert is coming up!

Paul M. van Brugge’s very talented students wrote 7 new pieces for my Percussive Piano project. I’m delighted with the result: it’s become a sparkling, virtuoso programm, varied and surprisingly balanced!

6th of November, 20:30 at Codarts (Kruisplein 26) in Rotterdam                    Muziekzaal (Room 635)

Here’s a moment of studying Anna Mikhailova’s ‘Under the Apple Tree’


João Artur Moreira – Catch me if you can

Andrea Coppini – (Parallel) Lines (Meet) at Infinity

Carlos Jacques Anderson – For Sale!

Neus Kaori – Kakuu no Hitofude (Brushstrokes in the vacuum)

Maja Matic – L’Electronique

Anna Mikhailova – Under the Apple Tree

Eduardo Rojo González – Blues for Piano & Tape

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